Renowned jewelry designer Pascale Monvoisin exclusively at Comptoir 102!

We are very happy to welcome, for the first time in Dubai, internationally renowned jewelry designer Pascale Monvoisin!

Latest collection presented on December 5 & 6, 2018

The creations of Pascale Monvoisin are poles apart from ornamental jewels, the ones we put to show and that we remove in intimacy. They are, on the contrary, talismans, a natural extension of oneself, bearers of happiness. It’s their soul supplement.

Pascale Monvoisin may very well have lived her life without ever creating jewelry. At first glance, nothing destined her for it. And yet, upon closer inspection, everything prepared her for it. As an adult, she has flown around the world innumerable times. She was Chief Stewardess on long-haul flights. When she wasn’t in the air she wandered antiques shops, admiring objects that had a history all their own, and the handiwork of the craftsmen who made them.

On Monday, December 5 at 10 am, join us for a welcome Breakfast Talk and find out how Pascale was inspired to follow her passion & creativity.

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