Discover the work of artists Clementine de Chabaneix & Helle Mardahl in 'Shapes of Wonderland'


Opening : 19 March, 11:00 am  / Exhibition : 20 March to 7 April

In celebration of the creative world of design and sculpture, Comptoir 102 will be hosting the ‘Shapes of Wonderland’ exhibition during Art Dubai 2019. The showcase illustrates Comptoir 102’s highly versatile and extensive curation and dedication to continuously bring original pieces to showcase in Dubai.

The ‘Shapes of Wonderland’ exhibition features the creations of Clémentine De Chabaneix and Helle Mardahl for the first time in the UAE.

Clémentine de Chabaneix was born into a family of artists, having as her grandparents the sculptors Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne. As a child she spent many vacations in their studio-house and acquired a taste for aesthetic research. She studied Arts at the Pradier  where she learned how to draw, paint and sculpt. The work of Clémentine de Chabaneix is conveyed by very simple things: the apparent softness of enameled ceramics representing young girls with round wistful faces, or furry animals as in the case of bears, to stuffed toys from our childhoods. The works of Clémentine de Chabaneix leave a fragile mark characteristic of her art, as the brokenness inherent to the human condition. Her work goes along with any mood swing and the weather outside, but, more importantly, the weather inside.

Helle Mardahl is an artist and designer who’s work encompasses sculpture, installation, painting, fashion and interior design. Her work is marked by a sense of ornate lavishness, extravagance and flamboyance combined with eccentric deviance. As a designer, Helle is concerned with the contrast between organic shapes and hard materials. Her richly coloured designs are alive and natural, fragile yet robust. Her designs bring life to spaces, and are equally capable of standing alone or blending in. The Candy Collection is Helle Mardahl‘s interpretation of a rich and playful sweetshop. Organic shapes, beautiful colors, strong expressions – delicate  and delicious.  With a contemporary vision and the use of traditional craftsmanship Helle Mardahl transforms her thoughts and ideas into elegant glass lamps, vases and bonbonnières – every piece hand-blown in Copenhagen. Her Candy Collection is filled with possibilities engaging all senses.

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