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    Bladderwrack + Pumpkin Body Balm With Pump


    Perfect for use on hands and body after cleansing to provide nourishment using natural botanicals. A sumptuous moisturising body balm enhanced with hydrating Seaweed extracts, Pumpkin Seed Oil and UV protecting Tomato Seed Oil. Particularly suited to parched skin.



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    AED 220.00



    A low-foaming formulation containing extracts of indigenous plants and locally harvested seaweed extract. Sea buckthorn, seaweed and tea tree in the body cleanser help to repair skin and improve the complexion with strong antioxidants, vitamins and antiseptic qualities which will purify the skin.


    Rapeseed oil is quickly absorbed to make nutrients reach the lower layers of skin faster for effectiveness.


    Parsley seed and lavender create a pleasant natural aroma that will uplift and refresh your senses as well as your skin for the rest of the day.

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    AED 140.00




    Eye Bright Contour


    This 100% natural product rapidly reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eye. This treatment also provides light moisture and antioxidants for the skin.


    Gently apply a small amount of cream to clean skin around the eye area once or twice daily. For external use only, avoid contact with eyes. To ensure compatibility test product on small patch of skin. If irritation occurs seek medical advice. Thin skin is why capillaries are more visible, contributing to the appearance of dark under-eye circles. The skin in the eye area is already thinner than the rest of the face and it gets thinner with age, this treatment helps prevent further losses. Chrysin and Caffeine help decrease the appearance of puffiness around the eye.

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    AED 220.00




    Marine Facial Cleanser


    A low-foaming facial cleanser for sensitive + normal skin.This bladderwrack and parsley seed, botanically rich formula, offers exceptional cleansing without disturbing or removing the skins natural tonal balance. Sea buckthorn soothes damaged patches and provides nutrients ready for healing and replenishing making this cleanser ideal for overall skin health and an improved complexion.


    Pour half a teaspoon of our facial cleaner into clean hands. Massage over face and neck, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.This Product is also designed to be used with the Haeckels exfoliant.



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    AED 140.00




    Eco Marine Cream


    best selling daily moisturiser for normal or dry skin in need of nourishment.Containing potent doses of a powerful anti-wrinkle active which strongly stimulates the production of structural skin proteins. Tests showed the capacity to stimulate cellular proliferation which significantly increased collagen synthesis by 19.3% using a 2% concentration AND IT helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles especially around the eyes. Improves elasticity in skin that has lost its tone and improves skin hydration.


    promotes healing and strengthens skin whilst restoring its natural suppleness and radiance. Especially rich in omega 3 and sterols it is soothing, anti-inflammatory and offers some protection from UVB rays.As a powerful antioxidant, it protects the dermal matrix from further degradation.


    Anti-inflammatory and protective, it plays an important role in the skin’s barrier function due to its repairing properties. Effective in blends for scars, burns and damaged skin.

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    AED 260.00




    Eco Marine Hand Balm


    vitamin rich, fast absorbing hydration for hands and cuticles  –This sought after moisturising hand balm contains a careful blend of fragrant coastal flowers and skin-softening natural emollients that provide nourishing moisture and protection for hands and cuticles.Seaweed and geranium extracts gently encourage the skin to repair and provide essential vitamins for replenishing damaged skin cells.


    Apply our natural hand balm to clean hands as often as required. Suitable for all over body use, for best results use every day.This product contains our Eco Marine Extract found in our best selling Eco Marine Facial Cream

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    AED 100.00
  • HAE INCENSE fennel




    Locally harvested natural scented incense


    These wooden incense cones fill your home and space with the scent of Bog Myrtle, a perfect winter fragrance. To get the best results use our incense burner.


    Light the end of the bog mrytle cone and burn for around 15 seconds blowing the ember until red hot, place in the heart of your home in either a hallway or a landing to allow the fragrant smoke to disperse. Use the lid or a heat proof surface to burn each cone on. Burns well with our Incense Burner.


    Burning time: 15 min approx. Scent longevity: 2-4 hours (in a medium size room)

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    AED 95.00




    Seaweed + Salicylic Powder Exfoliant


    A ground mix of natural salicylic acid to clear away dead skin.Haeckels Seaweed and salicylic powder exfoliant. When mixed with our Marine Facial Cleanser, this powder of ground dried seaweed, tea tree leaves and crushed willow bark a natural form of salicylic acid effectively removes tired surface cells revealing cleansed and polished skin beneath. By removing dead skin cells, vitamins and minerals can penetrate deeper and faster into the layers of the skin.


    Twice-weekly, blend half a teaspoon of mixture with the Sea buckthorn Facial Cleanser massage gently over face and neck. Avoid area around eyes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Follow with the Haeckels Hydrating Facial serum for improved complexion.


    Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder, Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract Fucus Vesiculosis (seaweed) Powder

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    Stress-Fix Soaking Bath Salts


    Mineral-rich Sea bath salts packed with raw local botanicals, create a 100% natural soothing experience for mind and body.


    Haeckels Stress Fix Soaking Salts are made up of Dead Sea salt combined with rosemary and clary sage oils as well as raw local botanicals to bring a perfect balance to the mind and body. Vitamin-rich seaweed, sea buckthorn and arnica oil soothes, refreshes and hydrates dry, stressed skin.Alternatively combine with our seaweed bath for a more potent and relaxing, aromatic bathing experience.


    Dissolve a few shakes into a warm bath and allow to settle, then enjoy your bath.Enjoy with our Regenerating Bath Oil.

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    AED 165.00




    Rosehip + Seaweed Suspension 3.5%


    Apply a few drops to the skin in the morning and evening after water-based serums/moisturisers. Additionally, you can mix a couple of drops into your  foundation to create a dewy finish.



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    AED 145.00




    Kelp Bioferment


    Kelp-derived Nutrient & Hydration support for your skin and scalp. Also a fantastic matt finish moisturiser. Kelp Bioferment is rich in fucoidan, carrageenan and algin, it also provides minerals like iodine, copper, molybdate, magnesium, and others required as cofactors in enzymatic reactions of lipid metabolism and energy conversion.


    Apply a few drops to face morning and evening before application of creams. If applying to scalp use after conditioner and leave in to dry naturally.

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    AED 125.00