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    A La

    Brass Card Holder


    Cherish your favorite photos or your favorite cards in this brass card holder and let them stand out the crowd! Handmade in India.

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    AED 170.00

    A La

    Velvet Cushion


    This coral colored velvet cushion will look perfect on your couch. After all, you can never have enough color at home. Combine these cushions with our cotton gauze cushion covers with fringes to make your room more cozy. The pearly colored beads in the shape of coral are sewn on by hand.

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    AED 280.00AED 300.00

    A La

    Small Beads Cushion


    Small beads cushion single palm tree. Fall in love with this little palm tree cushion! It reminds you of relaxed days at the beach, wondering in the shadows of palm trees how we could ever take this moment back home. Well, good news: this palm tree pillow might be everything you’re looking for. It’s fully covered with beads which all have been put together by hand! It will definitely be an luxurious eye catcher on your sofa and it will give your interior tropical vibes immediately!


    The cushion will be delivered including filling.

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    AED 320.00
  • A LA Coin wallet ostrich

    A La

    Coin wallet


    How cute is this wallet? Leave those boring wallets at home and let this funny ostrich guard your coins, money and other precious little items on all of your journeys.


    Product Dimensions

    Size: One size
    Height in cm: 1.0
    Width in cm: 11.0
    Depth in cm: 15.5


    Material & Care

    Cotton, glass beads


    Color & Weight

    Color: Gold, pink, white, black

    Weight in gr: 42.0

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    AED 80.00
  • ALANOTEBOOK - palmtree

    A La



    Notebook you will always carry your own private tropical view with you! How fun is that? Write your thoughts, dreams and plans for future adventures down on this recycled paper or use it for your daily notes.


    No lines, 30 pages (60 sides).


    Product Dimensions

    Size: One size
    Height in cm: 0.5
    Width in cm: 15.0
    Depth in cm: 22.0


    Material & Care
    Recycled paper

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    AED 85.00

    A La

    Hanger Beads


    Tropical icons are now available for in your tree! How lovely to hang out something different in the Christmas tree than those basic red and silver balls?




    Material & Care
    Cotton, beads
    Weight in gr: 31.0

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    AED 50.00
  • medium swallow

    A Vida Portuguesa

    Wall Ceramic


    The swallow is a re-edition produced from the original mould of the genius ceramist and caricaturist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro. The novelty is the box, both beautiful and ingenious, which, after opening, turns into reading material. Call it two in one, if you wish. It includes details concerning this special edition, the history behind the ceramics factory and the black bird that became a decoration must for Portuguese homes.

    The leaflet also includes a selection of images, such as the original drawing by the creator. Lastly, the package makes the swallow nearly unbreakable – to test this the box has been thrown from a considerable height, among other harsh treatments. Making it ideal to send in the post, even over long distances. An exclusive to A Vida Portuguesa.




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    AED 100.00AED 180.00

    And Mary

    Animal Doorknob


    Hand painted porcelain doorknob with brass cap and a metal fixing bolt.

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    AED 195.00
  • ay illuminate black lamp 2

    Ay Illuminate

    Ay Illuminate White Cotton Ceiling Lamp


    “Z2 Blonde” Bamboo lamp with hand woven silk.


    Ay illuminate is based in the Netherlands and produces its own lighting in Asia and Africa. The designers of Ay illuminate are inspired by both nature and different cultures which is reflected in their use of organic shapes and natural (waste) materials combined with local handicraft expertise.

    designed by Ay Lin Heinen & Nelson Sepulveda

    black bamboo & recycled cotton cover

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    AED 3,215.00
  • dubai-philippe-chancel


    Portraits de Villes by Massimo Vitali


    Portraits de Villes” is a collection of books, where an artist is given carte blanche to illustrate a city of his / her choice.

    Each book is a unique journey, guided by the singular gaze of an artist.


    Size: 13 x 21cm

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    AED 160.00
  • eca9ec78-5edc-4e73-8516-802a140259ee

    Comptoir 102

    Comptoir 102 Coffee Collection


    Stoneware collection of Comptoir 102 dots design and handmade with gold lustre finished. Perfect partner for your morning coffee.

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    AED 140.00AED 240.00

    Comptoir 102

    Side Plate


    Stoneware comptoir 102 dots design hand made with gold lustre finish. Elegantly pair with comptoir 102 cups collection.

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    AED 240.00AED 395.00

    Comptoir 102

    Stools Set of 2


    Natural Straw Grass Small Size: 12x12x12 Inches Large Size: 14x15x15 Inches

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    AED 380.00AED 400.00
  • BOWL

    Comptoir 102



    Stoneware Comptoir 102 dots design hand made with gold lustre finish. The irregularities of the design add a unique character and make this bowl even more special. Perfect partner for your soup and any other dishes.

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    AED 210.00AED 650.00
  • IMG_9624

    Comptoir 102

    Comptoir 102 Grass Basket


    Handwoven collection of Comptoir 102 with handle. Perfect match for natural ambiance in your home.

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    AED 360.00
  • IMG_9595

    Comptoir 102

    Comptoir 102 Place Matt


    Handwoven madurkathi place matt collection of Comptoir 102. Perfect match for natural ambiance in your home dining table or living room.

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    AED 55.00
  • 801a9a5a-21f5-4745-b46f-7b0672e3be86

    Comptoir 102

    Stainless Cup


    Hand painted stainless steel cup by Comptoir 102 collection. Perfect partner for your picnic and party drinks.


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    AED 40.00
  • EYE1

    Comptoir 102

    Comptoir 102 Notebook


    Made by recycled paper. Handmade collection of Comptoir 102. Your partner for your everyday journal and reminders. Eye catching designs reminds you a a good and natural ambiance.

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    AED 40.00
  • HAE INCENSE fennel




    Locally harvested natural scented incense


    These wooden incense cones fill your home and space with the scent of Bog Myrtle, a perfect winter fragrance. To get the best results use our incense burner.


    Light the end of the bog mrytle cone and burn for around 15 seconds blowing the ember until red hot, place in the heart of your home in either a hallway or a landing to allow the fragrant smoke to disperse. Use the lid or a heat proof surface to burn each cone on. Burns well with our Incense Burner.


    Burning time: 15 min approx. Scent longevity: 2-4 hours (in a medium size room)

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    AED 95.00
  • hay crate lavander


    Colour crete


    Multifunctional plastic crate with ventilated and stackable design in a variety of different colours and sizes.

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    AED 40.00
  • IMG_7408

    Meyer Lavigne


    Ceramic Bowl a unique little bowl for your jewelry or just as a small decorative object. All Treasure bowls are made and decorated by hand and they all come directly from Meyer-Lavignes Copenhagen based workshop. Since all bowls are unique you here have the opportunity to give yourself or the one you love, a completely personal gift.

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    AED 165.00