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Mini messenger bag, worn on the shoulder. A short handle with nails. A removable shoulder strap. Snap closure on the top of the bag. Removable fringes. Snap button closure. A zipped coin compartment. Three coin compartments. Goat leather is very dense which gives it structure and firmness. This is the material for leather goods par excellence! Its dermis is more resistant to rubbing than lamb for greater product longevity. The know-how of our tanners makes it possible to offer a wide range of goats with varied origins, each with its specificities. The surface of these goatskins has been heated to achieve this shine, with a delicate leathery sound to the touch that underlines the authentic, rustic and natural look. - Wallet 70% Goat 30% Lamb / Lining 100% Cotton  


CARE: - Regularly apply a non-greasy nourishing cream (to be tested beforehand inside or on a non-visible part) and without silicone. Warning: to be applied only on the goatskin parts (and not on those in split velvet). - At the beginning, wear your light leather accessory with light clothes or with dark clothes for dark leathers to avoid color bleeding on your clothes - Warning: your dark clothes whose dye would have been badly fixed, could bleed on your accessory. - Protect from heat sources. - Be careful not to snag your accessory, the goat could tear. - Pay attention to the friction of your accessory on abrasive surfaces. - Avoid prolonged contact with water, humidity reinforces the migration of colors on clothes. - Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or artificial light which can shade the color. - Leather acquires a patina over time, it is a living and natural material. The delicacy with which you will maintain your accessory will allow you to keep it for a long time.

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