Organic Toothpaste

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All Lebon toothpaste contains certified organic aloe vera and green tea, to naturally help protect gums and prevent tooth decay, whilst our alcohol-free, ready to use mouthwash is dedicated to perfecting fresh breath and oral hygiene, so you can smile and kiss with confidence!

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Natural Flavors (Aroma) For delicious flavors and mood enhancing properties.
Organic Aloe Vera Natural protection of gums.
Organic Green Tea Green alternative to fluoride. Natural protection of teeth.
Papaya extracts which contain papain – Natural teeth whitening.
They are not essential to a good and effective toothpaste.

Today we are more aware of the potential toxicity of these ingredients when ingested for a long period (think a lifetime).

No FluorideCan be harmful to your health when ingested on a long period (think a lifetime). We use Green Tea instead.
No PegPotential Toxic synthetic chemical thought to be a carcinogenic.
No SlsOften used as an artificial foaming agent. Found in products like washing up liquid. Our creamy light foaming textures is naturally formed from our mild tensioactive Lauryl Glucoside.
No ParabenSynthetic preservative.
No ColoringsArtificial colorings used to modify natural occurring colors. All our products are the colors nature intended them to be. Only the popping colors on our packaging are inspired by the flavors and locations they represent.
No TriclosanAn antibacterial compound. Banned from other products including soaps.
No SaccharinAn artificial sweetener thought to cause cavities. All our products are naturally sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana.
No Titanium DioxideOften used as a whitening agent. Banned in food in France.
No SulfatesToxic chemicals
No GlutenWe are gluten free
No Microbeads

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