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Enhances the hair The Yellow Universal Brush nourishes your hair naturally. This keratin-rich boar bristle hair brush draws the sebum out of your hair and distributes it evenly throughout the lengths. Moisturized from root to tip, your hair stays shiny for longer.  

BENEFITS: - Strengthens the hair fiber Rich in keratin, the fibers of this boar bristle hair brush envelop and strengthen the hair cuticles. Sheathed and protected, they naturally take shape when you style your hair. - Regenerates the scalp By using this boar bristle hair brush daily, you will rid your hair and scalp of impurities and cut your shampooing frequency in half. Say goodbye to split ends and greasy roots, the Yellow Universal Hair Care Brush will leave your hair gorgeously shiny. How to use: - Whether your hair is fine, brittle, straight or soft, the Yellow Universal Hair Care Brush is suitable for all hair types. Get into the right brushing routine and use it morning and night to detangle and enhance your hair while ridding it of impurities! If your hair is voluminous or curly, use it before bedtime to avoid damaging your curls. If you want smooth hair all day long, you can also use it in the morning. - We recommend using this hair brush on dry hair to get the most out of the boar bristles. Composition: - Made from 100% boar bristles, the fibers of the Yellow Universal Hair Care Brush are made of keratin, which offers a natural solution to care for your hair. - In addition to nourishing and moisturizing your hair, this naturally occurring protein ensures that there is no static electricity when brushing. - Hand-placed in an irregular pattern on a flexible rubber base, the boar bristles are designed to penetrate your hair and thoroughly detangle it. The other advantage: they give your scalp a regenerating massage.

Weight 0.3 kg


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