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The sweetness incarnate It is with meticulousness and delicacy that the boar bristles and synthetic nylon fibers of the Indispensable Douceur Soin et Perfection Terracotta hairbrush have been hand-assembled by French brush artisans to offer you an unparalleled ritual of softness. The keratin present in boar bristles moisturizes your hair throughout its length. Instantly, your hair is sparkling and your scalp is softened and soothed.  

BENEFITS: - A delicate massage The balled nylon fibers of this hairbrush have been skilfully studied to spread over your scalp to provide a massage of the greatest delicacy. It gently stimulates your blood microcirculation, without attacking the hair fibre. - For children, detangling is no longer a torture thanks to the Indispensable Douceur Soin et Perfection hairbrush which gently and carefully detangles their hair. - The Indispensable Softness Care and Perfection brush is just as suitable for people suffering from a sensitive or irritated scalp as for people wishing to incorporate a little more softness into their brushing ritual. Straight, supple, fine, thick hair find comfort with the Indispensable Gentle Care and Perfection boar bristle and nylon hair brush . - It is ideal in the early morning to gently untangle the knots accumulated during the night and give your hair a dose of hydration and protection necessary to face the day well. - In the evening, gently brushing cleanses the scalp of impurities that have accumulated during the day. The boar bristles of the hairbrush care for the lengths while the balled nylon fibers massage your scalp gently, for a pure moment of relaxation. The composition: - The Indispensable Gentle care and perfection brush is the perfect combination of boar bristles rich in natural keratin and extra soft balled nylon fibers: enough to make brushing a real moment of delicacy. - The 100% natural boar bristles of this hairbrush are implanted by the hands of our brush craftsmen according to ancestral traditions on a rubber whose flexibility has been worked to offer you the ideal rebound for gentle styling. Made of natural keratin, these boar bristles intensely nourish your locks. - The twisted nylon fibres, the second advantage of this Indispensable Gentle Care and Perfection hairbrush, have been studied at length to offer you effective and gentle brushing. They penetrate your hair to untangle all its knots, with deep respect for the hair fiber. Your scalp is both gently massaged and stimulated thanks to the small beads at the end of the fibres.

Weight 0.3 kg


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