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Awarded best furniture store by Harper’s Bazaar, Comptoir 102 celebrates beautiful craft and design, mixing the bohemian ethos of comfort with a trendy unconventional direction. Serendipitous…


Healthy Cafe

Winner of the What’s On Award of the best Healthy Café in Dubai, Comptoir 102 has become a favorite for healthy eating. The philosophy behind the café is to offer a more conscious …


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Comptoir 102 has become renowned for being home to a “Rock Chic” edgy and cool fashion from around the world, giving customers a well-rounded retail experience for their fashion needs. With offerings…


Comptoir 102 was acclaimed by the French Vogue as one of the top 9 destinations in the world for their unique jewelry selection. Earning its title of “House of Cool”, the store is constantly…


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Beauty’s got a problem. And it’s costing the earth… In line with our concept (green) philosophy where we believe that what goes on the body is as important as what goes in, Beauty102 selected the most natural and efficient beauty brands around the globe. We’re talking ditching plastic, eschewing…


Organic Grocery

Take home those healthy organic products. A selection of dry and fresh home made grocery products. Wild & The Moon bars, crackers and the famous Nutmilks are now available at our Grocery…


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In December 2018 after much demand Comptoir 102 launches its very own e-shop. With Dubai often being a stopover for many tourists and a transient place for its many expat residents, it was only natural to bring Comptoir 102 closer to those who visited the store in Dubai and to discerning shoppers across the globe! Fans globally can now purchase their popular selection of stylish pieces across jewelry, home accessories and fashion, including Comptoir 102s’ own in-house brand that goes under the simple name of ‘Comptoir 102’.