Collection: NEW MIND CHAGA

The genesis of New Mind Chaga traces back to a touching narrative that unfolded with the introduction of Chaga, a remarkable super food, by the passionate Seb Eubank. Seb’s fervor for natural health and healing became a source of inspiration, igniting a profound curiosity within the New Mind Chaga team.

The moment they experienced the potency and transformative qualities of Chaga, they were spellbound. Its rich, earthy flavor and its remarkable ability to enhance both mental and physical well-being elevated Chaga beyond the realm of a mere superfood; it became a catalyst for positive change and holistic health. Fueled by a collective passion to share these incredible benefits with the world, New Mind Chaga embarked on a mission, aligning their intentions with the universe. They stumbled upon the finest wild-harvested Chaga in the pristine untouched forests of Siberia, renowned for producing the highest quality Chaga globally.

Motivated by personal experiences, the team at New Mind Chaga is determined to empower and awaken minds to the natural health and healing benefits of Chaga. Their belief in introducing this ancient remedy to the world stems from a desire to inspire others to live consciously, fostering new rituals for maintaining healthy minds and bodies.