On the occasion of Art Dubai, we invite you to the opening of our exhibition : ‘Of People and Places’

With live music and mixed beats by CALINE

| Wednesday, March 1st, 10.30am to 2.30pm |

A curated exhibition unveiling the works of: Mylène Jampanoï x Victor Marqué x Aya Ogawa x Louise Defente Our latest exhibition titled, ‘Of People and Places’ is a collective journey that spans three continents – it is a study on process as much as it is on intuition and emotions. Each of the artists employs their artistic license to create a very personal and modern interpretation of art, one that both challenges and respects age old techniques.  It is a curiosity born from knowledge and understanding, bending our common perceptions and giving flight to new forms of thought and art. Here at Comptoir 102 we always gently challenge the status quo, providing a more authentic and harmonious approach to art, food, fashion and design, one that sits at the crossroads of sensitivity, creativity and nature. ‘Of People and Places’ re-explores our artistic norms, bringing to the artistic landscape an alternative, equally compelling yet restrained art form that allows for the viewer’s individual perception and appreciation.
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